Mark Jackson did not appreciate how the media conveyed his pre-game comments on Andrew Bogut’s injury. He was quoted saying that Bogut’s injury “may have been [from] sleeping,” and Bogut took exception to that.

Mark Jackson responded by opening up his post-game with this:

“I made a statement about Andrew Bogut. My statement said ‘legitimate’. My statement said ‘I had the same thing’. My statement said ‘he was hurt’. Please don’t twist my words. And let me let you understand this also. You will never see a problem in my locker room. You will not see a problem in my locker room, with my group. We are tied together. We are committed. This is not the old culture. This is a new culture. Thank you.”

Jackson further clarified what he meant by the media twisting his words:

“You can make it seem like I said something against Bogut that he slept and got hurt. I can understand how you could take that and think, ‘Well, coach just took a shot at him.’ I said he legitimately was hurt. I expressed how it happened. So, please put the whole thing in there and not half the story. I mean, I understand. I was part of the media. I understand how you can make it much more appealing and go for the home run. But in 3 years… in the 23-win season… I didn’t throw anybody under the bus. And you can wait, and wait, and wait… and it won’t happen here until someone else is sitting here. That’s not my M.O., and contrary to the choir, it won’t be my M.O. I believe in every one of my guys, and I’m proud of what we’ve been able to do and I’ll go down being me. I can’t be anybody else.